A hybrid app is a mobile application, written with the same languages that you use when building websites, with the addition that it contains an isolated browser instance, called Web View, which runs this web application inside of a native app. Hybrid apps can access the mobile device and use the additional phone features like for example camera or GPS.

HTML/Javascript application loads Google Maps and talks to the native code to gain access to GPS location. It is a combination of native and web mobile applications. It can be be used an different mobile platforms.Developed using web technology and native parts.


Ionic is a complete open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development. Built on top of AngularJs and Apache Cordova, Ionic provides tools and services for developing hybrid mobile apps using Web technologies like CSS, HTML5, and Sass.

Ionic Framework is an Advanced Mobile App Framework which utilize AngularJS for the application to be fully functional. It comes with command line utility to start a project and build the code into installable native app. When you install Ionic, you will also install cordova. Apache Cordova is a standard native Framework for packaging web app into installable native app. There is another project called phonegap which is based on cordova.

Both phonegap and cordova have almost the same functionality, which is why some people assume that cordova is similar to phonegap. Ionic comes with a lot of components that can be used to create nice looking UI, including CSS and Javascript Component. You can read more about the components by visiting its Documentation. We will also talk about several components in this book and learn about how the components work.

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  • Introduction to Ionic Framework.
  • Ionic Environment Setup.
  • Single-View App.
  • Multi-View App With Navigation.
  • Ionic Components.
  • AngularJs Concepts.
  • Cordova Plug-ins.
  • Preparing for Release and Publishing Your App.
  • Bonus.
  • Real Time Projects.

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