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Participants must register in advance to take part in Softlogic Institute of Technology trainings or certification exams. Registration consists of filling out a form, either by hand or online, that is provided by Softlogic Institute of Technology. Registration also includes selecting the training session the participant intends to attend or the respective certification exam. The current Softlogic Institute of Technology Technical Training Course Catalog provides a list of training services and certification examinations offered by Softlogic Institute of Technology.

Softlogic Institute of Technology will conduct training on its own premises, on the participant’s premises, or at another mutually agreed upon location. Training is to be conducted during the dates specified by Softlogic Institute of Technology in the quote and confirmed by the participant. If training takes place on Softlogic Institute of Technology premises, Participants will receive a certificate confirming participation upon completion of training.

The price of one certification examination entitles one participant to take one certification exam, independent from the result of the respective test. The use of any aids besides the certification software is forbidden during the certification examination. If the participant uses any other software, data, documents or persons, the examination will be stopped and the results of the examination will be not passed. The participant must pay the full certification fee, no refund.

If the participant wishes to change the training date set in the Softlogic Institute of Technology must receive written notice at least 5 business days before the first day of training. The participant will incur no additional costs, and the training will be amended. If Softlogic Institute of Technology receives such notice within 5 business days of the first day of training or the certification exam, the participant must pay Softlogic Institute of Technology 50% of the agreed upon costs as a processing fee.

All training documents are intended for the exclusive personal use of the participant. The participant recognizes Softlogic Institute of Technology copyright and therefore the exclusive distribution rights and right of use of training documents and software. In addition, the participant recognizes all of Softlogic Institute of Technology brand, trademark, name, and patent rights to the software and related documents. The participant may not remove, modify, or render unrecognizable copyright indications or indications of property rights.

Claims for damages by the participant against Softlogic Institute of Technology are subject to a limitation period of one month from the date on which the right arose, not withstanding shorter legal limitation periods.The participant must obtain prior written permission from Softlogic Institute of Technology to transfer all rights stipulated in the policies.

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